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2013 Annual Meeting of members

Article was added on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We all have other places we could be on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

We know it's a lot to ask that you make time to drive to Kingstree after work to vote at Santee Electric Cooperative's 2013 Annual Meeting, from 1 to 6 p.m. at Kingstree Senior High School. But we hope you come, not just for the door prizes, but for the higher purpose of an open election process like what united members back in 1939.

More than seven decades ago folks not unlike you started Santee Electric Cooperative to meet a need in Florence, Clarendon, Georgetown and Williamsburg counties. They knew cooperatives offered not just electric power but a greater power-the power to change our communities. Our earliest members rolled up their sleeves and worked together to get the lights on.

Think about the impact electricity made in rural areas. Women lived longer not having to work dusk to dawn at backbreaking chores. Farm production jumped. Things like running water, lights, and stored food were possible-and with those leaps forward came new challenges and opportunities.

We have electricity now-in fact, it's a given. Does that mean we don't need our cooperative any more? Is our job in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina done?

We say no- not by a long shot. Today, we're still working together for the common good. At Santee Electric, we're working to keep your power reliable, affordable and safe. We're working to attract and retain industries that bring jobs to our communities and members. We're looking out for you in the halls of government in Columbia and Washington, D.C. We're working diligently to offer new and emerging technology, programs and services that help members manage their energy use for comfort, convenience and savings.

Cooperatives aren't like other businesses. We're not focused on making a profit. At our core we exist to serve you and to meet community needs. At the Annual Meeting, we'll salute our VIPs-that is, YOU, the members of Santee Electric Cooperative-who keep the lights of cooperation burning bright.

Cooperatives offer the perfect tool for tackling tasks too big for one person to handle alone, tasks based on a common purpose. That purpose is as solid as the ground under our feet at the Annual Meeting. Standing together, we are still building our communities, bringing dreams to reality, and giving youth a better future.

We hope you'll join us on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013. We've taken special measures this year to designate preferred hours at 3 p.m. to try and expedite the voting process for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Floyd L. Keels
President and Chief Executive Officer

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