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5 Tips for Healthier Holidays

Article was added on Thursday, December 03, 2015

December can be a challenging month to make healthful decisions. Baked goods and sweets in abundance at home and the office. Winter weather's arrival zapping our motivation to get out and get active. Holiday activities keeping us from exercising.

This December, don't let these distractions derail your efforts to stay on a healthful course. Follow these five tips for healthier holidays, and feel better about yourself going into 2016.

Tip #1: Stock Up with Healthful Snacks
Always have healthful snacks handy. The more convenient they are, the more likely you are to eat them. Some ideas: bananas, applies, dried apricots, figs or raisins, almonds, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, peanut butter on whole wheat crackers.

Tip #2: Schedule Your Exercise
Make a schedule, whether it's attending a yoga or other type of exercise class, using the treadmill or walking around your neighborhood. Write it down on your calendar or punch it into your phone so you have a reliable reminder for this important part of your day. Try to fit in moderate exercise time (like brisk walking) at least three days a week.

Tip #3: Just Say No
The holidays usually offer more opportunities to snack on sweets and other treats. Avoid the temptation to snatch a cookie from the food table at work or grab a quick bite at a fast food restaurant while you're out and about. It all adds up.

Tip #4: Skip the Baking
If you are a holiday baker, chances are you eat a lot of it yourself. Rather than giving baked goods as gifts, try non-food gifts instead. Or consider making healthier dessert options. Often, there are ways to substitute ingredients to make recipes healthier, like using only egg whites or whole wheat flour.

Tip #5: Hydrate
Keep your water bottle with you at all times. Aim for 64 ounces a day, which is about a half-gallon. And try to cut out or reduce sugary, high-calorie drinks.

Source: Lisa Druxman, a nationally recognized speaker, author and highly regarded fitness expert, published in 5 Tips for Healthier Holidays


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