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Love on the line

Article was added on Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Floyd L. Keels - ThumbnailSANTEE ELECTRIC CO-OP, lineworkers don't work alone on our power lines. Whether they are climbing poles, restoring power, or clearing tree limbs to prevent future outages, they are never far from the hearts of the women who love them.

At this time of year, stores seem flooded with hearts, candy, and cards professing true love. But to be honest those sentiments pale in comparison to the bonds of love I see every time a storm sweeps through our area.

If the lights go out, our lineworkers' wives send their loved ones out into the elements. When other electric cooperatives are in trouble after devastating hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods, our lineworkers have traveled as far as Kentucky to bring the lights back on for complete strangers. Each time these brave men leave home to help those in need, their families are left behind, praying for a safe return.

Working with high-voltage electricity, lineworkers find themselves in life and death situations on a regular basis. That's why Santee Electric focuses on safety first. The emphasis on safety directly benefits customer-owners in quicker outage restoration and cost savings; it also helps our men get back home safely to their loved ones. We know the wives, families and friends of our lineworkers appreciate that!

Marrying into this profession isn't easy. Lineworkers are often on call, and must be ready to respond at a moment's notice if our community needs them. This makes children's sporting events and family get-togethers hard to pull off sometimes. But the bold men who keep your power flowing do so because they know, without their commitment, many of the things we've come to expect-cold food, lights, entertainment-wouldn't be possible. By devoting their lives to working on utility lines, they connect all of us to a better way of life.

This Valentine's Day I'd like to take a moment to thank the women who support and love the men who brave the elements and work long hours to keep power flowing to our homes each and every day. Thank you for putting your love on the line-we're committed to making sure the men you love return home safe.

Floyd L. Keels
President and Chief Executive Officer

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