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Advance Pay Rider


This rider is available in conjunction with the Cooperative's Residential Rates (RES-B4) and the Cooperative's General Services Rate (GS-5)


Applicable for use with other approved Cooperative commercial and industrial electric rate schedules.

Type of Service

As shown on the rate schedule with which this Rider is being used in conjunction. 

Monthly Rate

An amount computed under the rate schedule with which this Rider is used except the following:

1. The basic facility charge will be computed at $0.94 per day. 

Service Provisions

  1. The member shall purchase electric service from the Cooperative in accordance with the present and any future rate schedule of the Cooperative on a pay-as-you-go basis for the above referenced account.
  2. The member will execute an Advance Pay Program Agreement
  3. As a result of participation in the Advance Pay program, the member will not be mailed a monthly statement for electric usage or other applicable fees or charges.
  4. The member shall pay all applicable daily service charges as appropriate and set forth by the Cooperative's rate schedule.
  5. The member is solely responsible to regularly monitor the balance on the Advance Pay account and understands that electric service will be subject to disconnection without any written notification from the Cooperative to the member, once the balance of the account reaches zero.
  6. The member understands the medical and health conditions of any person located at the address where electric service is furnished by Cooperative, and/or extreme hot or cold weather conditions, or temperatures in some instances may postpone disconnection of electric service.
  7. Advance Pay accounts shall not be eligible for payment arrangements with the Cooperative and energy assistance shall not be applied until received as payment on the member's Advance Pay account.
  8. Advance Pay members must remain enrolled for a minimum of 12 months (365 days.)  Any balance remaining after this period, must be paid in full to change payment options.



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