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Highly Fluctuating or Intermittent Load Rider


This Rider is available in conjunction with any schedule when service is taken for electric furnaces, X-ray apparatuses, welding equipment, elevator motors, tankless electric water heaters, or other similar equipment and the Customer thereby imposes on the Cooperative's system a highly fluctuating or intermittent load requiring facilities above those needed to serve the Contract Demand. Hence, there is incurred an additional charge for the installation and use of said facilities.


Applicable for use with other approved Cooperative commercial and industrial electric rate schedules


As shown on the rate schedule with which this Rider is being used in conjunction.


An amount computed under the rate schedule with which this Rider is used plus the sum of the following amounts:

  1. Any additional Contribution and Aid to Construction cost required in accordance with the Cooperative's Line Extension Policy
  2. HFIL CHARGE - $1.25 per KVA for each KVA of Highly Fluctuating or Intermittent Load as determined below.


A Highly Fluctuating or Intermittent Load is a load imposed on the Cooperative's system for an extremely short duration whose magnitude may not be recorded by the Cooperative's metering equipment. The KVA of Highly Fluctuating or Intermittent Load will be the KVA capacity installed or supplied to maintain proper voltage less the estimated KVA capacity which would have been installed, excluding the Highly Fluctuating or Intermittent Load equipment.


1)     The charges computed at the above monthly rate shall be subject to applicable South Carolina Sales Tax, franchise fees, assessments, and surcharges imposed by any governmental authority.

2)     The minimum Contract Period will be the period as specified in the Service Agreement.

3)     Minimum Billing Demand will be in accordance with the applicable rate schedule.

4)     The minimum monthly bill shall equal HFIL charge plus minimum charge as computed from rate schedule being used in conjunction.

5)     Power factor adjustment under this Rider will be in accordance with applicable rate schedule

6)     The wholesale power and TIER (Times Interest Earned Ratio) adjustment factor is applicable and will be shown on the billing rate schedule.

7)     The terms of payment shall be in accordance with the applicable rate schedule

Supersedes original schedule of April 26, 2007 
Effective for bills rendered on and after May 1, 2018

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