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Load Control Off Peak Service Rider


This Rider is available in conjunction with the Large Power Demand Schedule LPD-21for seasonal services 125 KVA or greater, and a contract period of at least 12 months. 


As shown on the rate schedule with which this Rider is being used in conjunction.


The billing demand charge shall be $1.75 for all KW of Metered Demand. Determination of all other charges shall be based on the Monthly Rate as shown on Schedule LPD-21.


1)       As shown on Large Power Demand Schedule LPD-21

2)       The Cooperative shall install a load management receiver, which upon proper signal, shall
interrupt the control voltage of the member's equipment thereby stopping or preventing the operation of the equipment. This interruption condition shall be maintained during the period of
actual or predicted peak load. At the end of the actual or predicted peak load period the Cooperative's load management system shall cause an audible or visual signal to be transmitted to the consumer at the same time that the interruption of the control voltage of the consumer's equipment is ended. It will be the responsibility of the consumer to restore the equipment as desired.

3)       Probable time periods during which controls will be activated are as follows:

From October 15 to April 15:
6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

From April 15 to October 15:
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

These are probable times but not all inclusive since peak loads are generally weather driven, and
the cooperative reserves the right to activate controls at any time a peak load is predicted or is occurring. Historical data has shown that control is necessary some four or five times per month and is dictated by weather. It is the responsibility of the consumer to provide a contact point in his control voltage where the receiver can be installed to control operation of all electrical equipment.

Supersedes Rider for Controlled Off-Peak Service
Effective for bills rendered on and after May 1, 2018

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